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ALL the theatre memes!

ALL the theatre memes in one blog! :D
Apr 12 '14
Mar 8 '14




If The Phantom and Christine is your idea of a couple then we need to talk


Because The Phantom manipulated a young girl into a mental and sexual hold under the guise of her dead father while killing several people in the process and almost killed the guy she was in love with honestly have you seen the show

Mar 5 '14


If your favourite musical is something popular like Wicked or RENT, that’s okay.

If your favourite musical is something no one’s heard of like Ordinary Days or The Burnt Part Boys, that’s okay.

If your favourite musical just came out, like First Date or Beautiful, that’s okay.

If your favourite musical is an oldie like Annie Get Your Gun or High Society, that’s okay.

What’s not okay is telling someone they can’t like that musical.

Feb 25 '14

dreamlesseyes asked:

I know I've done this before, but it's always extremely helpful. I need help finding an auditions song for the part of Wendy in Peter Pan! All suggestions would be greatly appreciated(: Thank you!


Feb 22 '14


When a non-theater person comes backstage they always say something like


Feb 22 '14

normal-life-or-doctor-life asked:

We're doing Music Man in April and I'm soooo excited!! I'm a freshie, so a one liner for me, but it's the first musical that I've been in with legit dancing so I'm SUPER excited

that’s seriously so exciting, and how I got my start in theatre! (most people do, it’s cool.) Break a leg!!

Feb 12 '14

Anonymous asked:

Oh wow. Just got done with my first show and after cleaning up I inherited over 200 Bobby Pins. How is that even possible?

HAHAHAHA for me its just the opposite! finish a show, and i can’t find a bobby pin for months!

Jan 15 '14

going into an audition blind tomorrow bc yolo

Jan 9 '14

dreamlesseyes asked:

So I'm auditioning for Sharpay in High School Musical soon. Any suggestions for a good song? No other musical I know of sounds like High School Musical except for 13, but my director has already seen me sing from that show so I don't want to do it again. Help would be appreciated!(:

Oh that’s really great!! I hope you get the part! Instead of finding a song that’s similar to HSM, find a song highlights your abilities and suits your range! Something poppy for sure! 

Jan 1 '14



wow i haven’t showered since 2012